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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

The music was great, the effects were great, and the story was ALMOST there. Just a few story tweaks (ok, maybe more than a few...) and probably a better director could have made it a wonderful film. I really enjoy Picard's frozen stare after Shinzon pulls himself close, impaling himself in the process. I remember a lot of people thought that was out of character for Our Captain, but I thought it was really effective; the man just watched HIMSELF (a younger, evil version, sure, but he was still basically looking into a mirror) die right in front of him. That would be pretty harrowing, I think. And finally, the quiet memorial for Data near the end is very nice, and understated in a way that I think just works. I certainly remember whispering "Pop Goes the Weasel." Nemesis to me is a lot like TNG season 7, in that it's not really as good as what came before, but I still like it more than most people seem to and it remains a mostly well-done adventure starring my favorite Trek crew.
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