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Re: Scot Wolf says new "V" Visitors just might be lizard people

gastrof wrote: View Post
... The original episodes are wrapping up on SyFy right now, and there was just a scene of Diana and her beau "alone together", both still wearing their human skins.
In a DS9 ep Odo and the female founder got it on in human/solid form, (or it was hinted at). so I guess this is some what like the Sex Sells attige ..

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I've also seen banner ads on other sites showing Morena Baccarin with photoshopped reptile eyes. If that's supposed to be a spoiler, it's one of the worst kept spoilers on TV.
There were Publisity shots of Jane badler with Lizzard eyes for the 1983 mini series as well
Ok Muppets From Space is not a movie you want to watch when you no longer smoke pot, lol.
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