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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

Newspaper Taxi wrote: View Post
* The scene where the view screen is destroyed and Picard and company can see Shinzon's ship through the hole in their hull. They conveyed a real sense of danger to me that Star Trek rarely did.

*The concept of the Remans. The Romulans have a secret off-shoot race they keep as slaves -- or just a slave species, in general. Since the Romulans are known for their secrecy it actually makese sense that this would be a little known fact in the Trek universe.

*Riker's words at Data's funeral. I realized that I couldn't remember the song he had been whistling, either, and it made me feel horrible.
An interesting (to me anyway) note about that: When I was in the theater, the few Trek fans that were in there said it at the same time Riker asked whether anyone remembered. We all whispered "Pop Goes the Weasel" which was a cool feeling, I might add, but for me, the neat part was hearing my friend (who normally talks about Star Trek being boring and scoffs playfully at my enjoyment of it) whisper oh so quietly "Pop goes the Weasel" when we did. I never told him I heard him say it, but it was neat to know that there was a secret Trek fan in our midst.

RyanKCR wrote: View Post
1. Finally a well thought out TNG starship battle that wasn't over in 10 seconds.
2. Finally bringing the Romulans into the movies.
3. The mirror/nature vs nurture concept.
4. Even though the science of it went right out the window I did like the ramming and pulling apart of the ships.
5. How the end of the movie echoed the end of Balance of Terror.
I agree with this. We actually got to see a starship battle involving real capital ships and not just kitbashes.


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