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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

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You know, I like Nemesis. Yes, it has plot problems and loopy logic, but if you ignore all that, it's actually an enjoyable movie. And it has some pretty kick-ass music.

The Remans were an interesting concept, and I wish they were given more development. The Valdore-type Romulan Warbirds were pretty cool looking too.

Really, I don't get why everyone is so hard on it. I thought it was ten times better than Insurrection and a hundred times better than most movies that make #1 at the weekend box office.
Well, to be fair, we're rather spoiled as Trek fans. We've had a glut of Trek movies, series, books, magazines, toys, props, and so on, and I think we got to the point where we were super picky. Now that's not to say Nemesis doesn't have it's faults, it does and plenty of them, but when I watch it now it's not so bad. The incredible beauty of Blu-ray helps, I might add. Visually, the movie is stunning.

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