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Re: Star Trek: Titan - Synthesis: Discuss / Grade <SPOILERS>

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Geeze...who the hell voted poor?
I know, I'm curious. I went back to edit but it's too late. Mods, you have my permission to edit the option to show everyone who voted. I should have checked that off in the first place.
we'll just have to live with this one, only admins can change poll options, it's one of the rare things vB isn't good at.
vB 3.8.x doesn't save the way each voter voted if the poll isn't initially public. Once a poll is posted, it can't be made public.

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I have to disagree with the previous poster who said they wished the avatar had stayed instead of White-Blue: I think that in White-Blue there is sufficient material for a character that can be developed.
Which I didn't deny. To me, having the avatar just held more potential than White Blue.
Actually, while the Titan avatar seemed more interesting and developed than White-Blue, keeping the avatar around would've probably turned the series into a bad joke at New Frontier's expense. The way it turned out wasn't bad at all.
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