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Scott Wolf says new "V" Visitors just might be lizard people

The actor playing a reporter who works with the Visitors (in the new version) was on NBC last night and let that semi-spoiler slip. Didn't actually say they WERE reptiles, but said they 'just might be'.

On the matter of their reptillian nature on the original series, has anyone here wondered why in the world the visitors would find humans in any way attractive? The original episodes are wrapping up on SyFy right now, and there was just a scene of Diana and her beau "alone together", both still wearing their human skins.

Somehow I don't think the human appearance would lend in any way to amorous feelings on their part, no more than two humans would be attracted to each other if both were disguised as lizard people.

Always bugged me about that end of things.

Could we assume the Visitors were somehow mentally conditioned, somehow "humanized" so make their disguises more successful?
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