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Re: October Challenge Entry: Those Who Live in the Shadow of the Night

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This piece definitely did pique my interest even more, but also, the pictures you've been posting have grabbed my attention lately. Not to mention everyone says you're awesome ...

I have read bits and pieces of the Thirteenth Order and liked it a lot. I just need to sit down and read it all. Where is the beginning with your AU? Like if I go over to Ad Astra, what do I start with?
Well...there are actually multiple ways you could read it. You can go chronologically in terms of when the stories happen, or you can go in the order I wrote them (which is the order I posted them to Ad Astra). There's nothing wrong with going that way, although I'll tell you it could be a bit emotional starting with "Sacrifice."

If you do a chronological reading, it goes like so:

"Point of Divergence" (how SigCat begins)

AU Dukat stories

"The Desolate Vigil" (only Part I is complete on this right now)
"Exits in the Haze" (nothing's DIRECTLY shown, but this story is rather intense)
"The Guide"
"Those Who Live in the Shadow of the Night"

AU Mendral stories

"The Image and the Spirit"
"The Exile"
"Captives' Ransom"

The Thirteenth Order is part of a different timeline--the main Sigils and Unions universe.
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