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Re: Superman Casting: Younger Or Older?

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Younger actors also appeal more to younger viewers, who are the primary movie audience and most valuable tv demographic.
That's so much bullshit. Or are you telling me that Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Jason Statham, Clive Owens, Patrick Stewart, Sean Bean, Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen, or pretty much any other exceptionally popular actor are all flukes? And I pulled every single one of those names just out of thin air. I could keep going and list a fuck ton more than any popular "younger actor," especially on any poll you find on the internet about who people (most of whom are young) would want to see in specific genre roles.
Apart from Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, they aren't really the sort of actors who open big box office. Depp and Pitt are lucky enough to be in their mid-40s and look about 15 years younger.

Statham leads in cheap-ish action movies that appeal to young males and recoup their costs, but he's hardly a Will Smith-like draw. Owen (not Owens) usually manages hits if accompanied by other well known actors or actresses but he's not really the sort of actor to put bums on seats the way Cruise or the likes do.

The rest are really supporting or ensemble type actors who have been in big movies (X-Men, LOTR, Star Wars) but are hardly guarantees of success (eg Nemesis). Nearly all of them have had movies go directly to DVD in the last few years. In fact, Lee's performance of which he is most proud, where he played Nehru, never even got a release.

I think the other point that Greg was making was that movie makers and advertisers want young viewers because they're more likely to buy merchandise, download soundtracks, spend their money on stuff advertised before the movie etc than older or middle-aged viewers. That's a well-known fact. Hence you might have a show that isn't doing so well in the ratings - but appeals to young viewers - get a reprieve over one which is doing better but appealing to older viewers. The youth market is the one that appeals to marketing men - for better or worse.

You might have thought things through a bit better before jumping down his throat.
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