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Re: "Children of Earth" & the Right to Bear Arms (spoilers)

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And I wish people would stop focusing on the UK as some great evil in CoE. The governments of EVERY nation on the planet were complicit--probably the only difference was how they were going to fill their quota.
I would gladly spread blame around if any country besides the U.K. had been given any significant screentime.

Besides, in speculative fiction, whenever there's a crisis, it seems like the U.K. is always the first country to descend into chaos or totalitarianism. (SEE Children of Men, V for Vendetta, etc.)

I also have a hard time believing every government in the world would be cooperating with 456's demands. I can't imagine these sorts of alien demands going over well in an Islamic theocracy like Iran. Then you have countries like Afghanistan where the government is so disorganized & incompetant that it can't even find its own ass with both hands. Countries like this couldn't cooperate even if they'd wanted to.
Children of Men and V for Vendetta were both written by British authors, so of course they're going to focus on the UK. Same way V focussed on the US ending up a totalitarian regieme, or Escape from New York/LA did.

UNIT and the American general clearly implied that every country was complying with the demands. Like you I found this a bit hard to believe (Somalia doesn't even have much of a government!) but clearly at least the major nations of the word did seem to be complying
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