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Re: A couple more aliens from behind the scenes

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These concepts would have made a far superior engineering set. I know that there were major cost considerations, but a good dose of CGI may of helped that factor.

Wishful thinking here - Maybe they'll get enough of a budget to finally get a varation this on screen in the next movie. Build only the parts of the sets the actors interact with, and CGI/Matte the rest.

*Remember, Starfleet seems to always do upgrades to their ships between missions(movies).
I wouldn't be at all opposed to there being such an upgrade made by the time the next movie comes around. These would look really nice on a big screen.
According to The Art of the Film, Scott Chambliss wanted to build an engineering set but ran out of money, so I think they'll put their sequel resources towards a refit engineering hull. It reminds me of what Chris Nolan told Empire Online about Batman: on the first one they put their R&D into his vision of the Batmobile, and on the second they made the Batsuit the way he wanted it originally.
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