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Re: "Children of Earth" & the Right to Bear Arms (spoilers)

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However, I think "Children of Earth" does raise the issue of what can happen if we put unyielding trust in the government and don't take additional precautions to defend ourselves when the government becomes the enemy. What else do you suggest? That we surrender like sheep to the slaughter?
Realistically, the government won't become "the enemy"... at least not in the so-called Western world. So, those questions above are pretty much irrelevant.

For any country in the developed world to turn into a dictatorship again it would require some drastic changes (specifically, some drastic crisis or catastrophe) in the world. Just like the threat of apocalypse by an extra-terrestrial force in "Children of Earth".

For instance, Germany turned into Nazi Germany because of the Great depression ("drastic change")... and the Weimar Republic wasn't even a stable/established democracy to begin with.
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