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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hey there. You can all just call me Nerf. I just turned 22. TNG is my favorite Star Trek series (along with the Enterprise D being my favorite Enterprise and favorite ship class), with S6 & S7 being my favorite seasons (and strangely those being the only two I don't yet own on DVD). I just got the new TNG movie collection, with Generations and Insurrection being so much better than I remembered them being. I would say Picard is my favorite main character from the show, my least favorite being Geordi.

I'm very into sci-fi and supernatural shows, with favorites like Stargate (all series), Charmed, Smallville, Buffy, etc. And of course Star Trek, favorite being TNG, followed by VOY, then ENT, then DS9. I don't like TOS.

I'm currently in a Star Trek mood, watching it all the time, and it's why I found and joined this board. Can't wait to get into the discussions, meet some people, and have fun.
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