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Re: October Challenge Entry: Those Who Live in the Shadow of the Night

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That was certainly an intriguing scenario. I would have expected a bit more interaction between Ziyal and Garak, but I can understand the notion that it would be too overwhelming for him.
I think there was also something on AU Ziyal's end, too. Given the experience her father went through, I know that he's been very big on teaching her that there has to be trust before there's a relationship. I don't think he was really over-the-top paranoid, but I DO think there might be a little of the Finding Nemo dad in him and that may have translated into a little more reticence to act on the attraction to Garak that she was starting to notice. That said, though, I know she's still a very kind, generous person. (And I think she's had a good influence in that direction--AU Dukat is VERY unlike his canon counterpart in that regard, that's for sure.)

And JK, yeah, I had to do the cropping a certain way in that avatar because the porthole was REALLY doing a creeptastic optical illusion that even seemed to give him AU Dukat's queue. And it was just so, SO wrong considering the way he was acting!
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