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Re: A couple more aliens from behind the scenes

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These concepts would have made a far superior engineering set. I know that there were major cost considerations, but a good dose of CGI may of helped that factor.
Before the movie came out, when I read interviews with production staffers saying "We won't use virtual sets, it will all be real," I was all in favor of that. But I think this is one case where, in the absence of sufficient budget to built an engineering set practically, I would've been happy with a virtual set if it had looked like these concept paintings.

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captain's chair controls

What in the hell are those buttons on top supposed to do?!?!?
From left to right:

1) Stir coffee
2) Jiggle the TV antenna
3) Hit the TV antenna with a basketball
4) Summon a sergeant (or maybe light the Christmas tree)
5) Order a donut
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