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Director: Matthew Vaughan

Pretty much a beginning to end reboot, a more modern version of the Donner film, more reminiscent of the 90s animated show and 'post-crisis' continuity. Big action, big scale, I'd even consider a Darkseid Apokalips invasion storyline. Something BIG like that to introduce Superman to the world (in the story) would be cool, instead of yet another airplane/helicopter rescue.

There is an entire generation of film-goers who have not seen the Donner film, or whom regard it as merely a quaint 70s movie, with some warm fuzzy memories of Chris Reeve.
These are people who identify Superman most with:
-the cartoony picture on their kid's lunchbox
-Justice League or whatever cartoon version airs now.

I think a lot of geeks just assume that the rest of the world is like us. I'm sorry but I don't think everyone else considers the original film a pinnacle of sacred film-making.

Any 'darkness' should be plot-based darkness, and not trying to gritty up Superman's character. I consider Superman to be like a billowing American flag peeking out of the rubble of 9/11 (That's just a metaphor, not literal). Everything else can be brought to pure shit but Superman really serves as a light. I'd make the 'Smallville' portion relatively short, 1 or 2 scenes at best, and focus more on Metropolis.
as long as you don't, as you say, gritty up superman I like your idea..

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