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Re: A couple more aliens from behind the scenes

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Enterprise engineering concepts
Liking these, but one thing which occurs to me is how much squawking there was right after the movie's release about how big the "brewery" engineering set was. These look like they might be even greater in volume.
I don't think it's the size/volume people were really "squawking" about - It was more of that it looked like a brewery. (You could see the concrete floors & a cinder-block wall!)

These concepts would have made a far superior engineering set. I know that there were major cost considerations, but a good dose of CGI may of helped that factor.

Wishful thinking here - Maybe they'll get enough of a budget to finally get a varation this on screen in the next movie. Build only the parts of the sets the actors interact with, and CGI/Matte the rest.

*Remember, Starfleet seems to always do upgrades to their ships between missions(movies).

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