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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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I think Showtime is the most likely because TV production is being kept in house these days.
If Showtime won't take it and CBS is committed to launching the show I see TNT
Thanks for clearing that up AviTrek.

In a sense after consideration I do agree somewhat with Temis the Friendly Ghost
HBO and Showtimes' audience does not think of Star Wars and Star Trek as "good things" or worth their attention. You gotta think "snob appeal,"
With HBO developing 2 scifi series already mentioned above Showtime may come up with their own scifi genre original series but I do not think it would be the Star Trek franchise which would involve some higher licensing fees and it would be a risky position as would Showtime think they would gain X number of subscribers with the next 13-episode Star Trek TV series season 1? This sounds like a very similar situation to Sirius satellite radio when they signed Howard Stern up in 2004 for a 5-year contract.
Howard Stern...who is capable of changing the face of satellite radio and generating huge numbers of subscribers for SIRIUS."
The difference (besides being radio and not TV) is that Showtime being a premium cable channel does not have any advertisers that would be interested in reaching the Star Trek viewer demographics.
Another difference is Star Trek according to the The TV Parental Guidelines system in the US is mostly TV-PG with some exceptions for some ENT episodes (especially in season 3) which were rated TV-14 mentioned in this thread
TV Parental Guidelines system episodes initial run on UPN
Star Trek does not really require a TV-MA rating on broadcast TV and thus would not benefit specifically from being on a premium channel to show graphic violence, explicit sexual situations/nudity, extremely crude or indecent language (like Howard Stern's show is known for and benefits from as it isn't under the same FCC rules as regular broadcasting).
Star Trek XI had a PG-13 rating to get the younger teen crowd as fans and CBS Television would need to keep that audience for the Nielsen ratings younger groups under 25 no matter what channel they were on.
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