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Re: 30 Days of Night sequel to shoot - Dark Days

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Steve Niles, who is co-writing and co-executive producing this time, said...there's a slight possibility the film might get a limited theatrical release...
A short release of 2-3 weeks around Halloween would be all it needed. Especially since it seems the SAW franchise isn't the threat it used to be. It's ruled the October slot the last few years and scarred other movies out of the month like Wolfman & Trick R Treat. Those two I recall reading the move was SAW related. I wouldn't be surprised if Underworld Rise of Lycans was moved to avoid SAW and they just didn't mention it.

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As regards Melissa George's non-return, she's rightly getting great acclaim for her part in In Treatment and starred in the recent and well-received Triangle. She also had a recurring role in Grey's Anatomy and has a few current and future projects in her IMDB page. Hardly surprising she doesn't want to come back for a direct-to-DVD sequel.
Her participation is what could've given it a shot at theatrical release. She has at least as much name recognition as some other smaller stars(Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter) who have gotten theatrical releases(Quarantine).
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