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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

Series: Enterprise – Season Two
Episode: “Dead Stop”
Trek Installment # 29
Grade: C+
Viewing Date: October 12, 2009

Not a bad premise. Nice follow-up to “Minefield.” But it was a little on the dull side. Of course it was too good to be true, of course there was some serious bad stuff going on, of course something bad happens. If you don’t see it coming, then you need to check to see if this repair station took your brain.

I tend to think of this episode as “Mayweather’s Brain,” which begs the question . . . why Mayweather? Why not Hoshi or T’Pol or Reed or Porthos? Is it because he’s so young or what? And it’s not like he learns anything or his character develops at all.

Odd as it sounds, this would have made a good “Voyager” episode (note the director and voice of the station). Think about it. Someone gets a hold of some Borg tech and transforms it into a repair station. Voyager, which has taken a real beating over the years, comes across it and suddenly the whole ship is a okay, but at the price of Ensign Kim’s brain. Seriously, just substitute the ship and the characters and, well, there ya go.
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