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Re: What is the reason behind McCoy's divorce?

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Ok....I now wannna see TOS McCoy doing gymnastics, now.

He had a nasty fall doing his gymnastical thing and landed groin first on a protruding whatchamacallit on one of them gym thingies. One testicle got all swolled up to 6.3 times it's normal size, and his wife just couldn't get used to his ginormous love-spud banging against her chin when they did a naughty.

Hence - tears, shoutings, plate-smashings, insultings of mothers, blah blah blah etc. D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

"Closed this morning as Ravenscroft, the bakery's dog, sprained his mouth whistling round a corner."
- Tockleys Bakery
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