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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Those results are superb and what keeps leagues interesting. I remember last year there were two days where the top five teams didn't even score, let alone win and it kept things tight for just that little longer.

I can't believe Voronin only got 11 though - it seemed like every week I was reading in the Bundesliga summary article he'd scored yet another winner. So now he's even more useless in my mind - thanks Iasiusthat's made my day!

Of course, as open leagues go, the Championship that Jax, Starkers and I follow is pretty gaping as well -
Yeah, whilst you might have expected Newcastle, WBA and Cardiff near the top who'd have seen Blackpool, Leicester and Bristol City in the top 6 at this stage. Ok it might not stay that way, but I still firmly expect another surprise team to get promoted ala Hull/Burnley etc.
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