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Re: October challenge entry - Scary Monsters

Enabran Tainted wrote: View Post
You're welcome. I liked it so much y'all got my vote. Yes, it was a sad ending, but it was also a realistic ending given the set-up. I've never been one who wants a happy ending just for the sake of it, particularly if it doesn't fit the story.
Thanks! Concerning the ending, one could hold the opinion that it ends on a sort of hopeful note. Due to Debure, people at least get to listen to the conversation and the truth, even if it's just by accident.
Who knows what will happen next, what the two engineers will do with their knowledge?

Loki Dukat wrote: View Post
I agree with PSGarak.This was a well thought out story with a dark twist at the end.
Thanks, Thor.
Now with a theme tune.
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