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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

District Nine - Good but not quite great. I think the protagonist is a tad too irritating and the mecha part goes on too long. The Apartheid analogy gets muddled when you are talking about an wholly alien lifeform stranded on Earth, which is a good thing, actually, because it makes you think more. Part of the premise is never elaborated on, which is just as well, too, actually.

Pandorum - Felt like a made for Sy-Fy film with a real budget. Fairly decent entertainment, but it's often too dark to even tell what's going on. Ben Foster does decently in a lead role.

Psycho II - Unintentionally funny. I may have seen parts of it before. I know I read the MAD Magazine parody many time in the 80's. The parody was better, but so was the Mad take on Scarface.

The Hangover - Overrated, I think. Not bad, though. I am sick of male nudity in movies, especially ugly male nudity. I have to think the wedding related aspect made this film a hit.
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