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Re: SyFy to air the original V this Sunday!

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Boy, its been along time since the saw both Mini-series. Never realized how this story is really just Nazis in America, People (food) processing plants are jewish concentration camps, the visiters have there own 5th colulm rebels, etc..

Of course if you wanted to go that route I'm surprised there has not been a series about Germany getting nukes first and America being then forced to surrender to them (or face ammagedden) and having the Nazis take over America and we follow resitance groups through the 40's etc.. Could be interesting!
If I remember the commentaries of the time there was mention that the "good guys" were basically stand ins for the Sandinista's and the Salvadorian rebels. From the opening scene to the doctors reply in the mountain camp battle in the original.

What the Final Battle does have going for it was Michael Ironside getting locked into his typecast.
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