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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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CBS is skewing too old and that's got to be concerning them.

to nurture a Trek series that won't be making the huge bucks they're used to.
[sound of needle on record being ripped]
All a company like CBS Television cares about is each quarters profits. Your statement would indicate they would be 'losing money' in the same time slot than if they programmed another crime procedural...
Trek needs a better home than that.
It's unlikely Star Trek would get any home where it isn't constantly under scrutiny for its profit-making potential under the tyranny of quarterly profit reports, and under constant danger of being replaced by something that's assumed to have more potential. At least at CBS, you have a network that isn't hurting as badly as the others, and perhaps has the patience to be nurturing. It's a long shot, but I don't see any place else where the situation would be better.

Where do you think Star Trek would be treated better?

If Showtime won't take it and CBS is committed to launching the show I see TNT since CBS at least has a working relationship with Time Warner(from CW).
That seems like a reasonable guess. TNT has got a middlebrow, mainstreamish lineup that would be a good match for Star Trek. Right now on its development slate, it has Delta Blues (cop show), Rizzoli (detective show) and Spielberg's alien-invasion project, which sounds far more bleak and dire than Star Trek's approach to sci fi. So TNT is interested in sci fi and Star Trek would fit into the overall balance pretty well. The Spielberg project and Star Trek could advertise in each others' time slots and tap into a similar audience.
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