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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Some I came up with while reading; I think some have already picked the same individuals:


*Mandala Flynn from 'The Entropy Effect'-Kadida or Rashida Jones

*Reese Diksen from 'Star Trek: Recovery'-Ellen Page

*Admiral Nogura-Clyde Kusatsu


*Vicenzo Farrenga-Isaac de Barkol

The last name definitely sounds African.

*Miranda Kadohata-Stephanie Jacobsen

The girl from BSG:Razor who is of mixed ancestry, and Australian. I believe they have her picture on Memory Beta as an idea for the character anyhow...

*Ensign Rosado-Rita Moreno


*Elias Vaughn-Burt Reynolds

Give the guy a role he and work with, and he'll do wonders....

*Prynn Tenmei-Sandrine Holt, Moon Bloodgood, Tia Cararre (sp?)

Some have mentioned Grace Park, but Park doesn't look 'mixed.' However, I recall Tia Cararre doesn't actually looked mixed either, and she portrayed a half-black/half-Asian-Japanese on the film 'Rising Sun'....soooo....
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