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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

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Personally I thought it was one of the scarier horror movies I've seen in a long time...
I'm easily scared and it didn't faze me too badly. Maybe I'm getting tougher. I should try to sit thru The Exorcist on my own - again - been trying that for years now.
I was Exorcist when I was 13 (I think, I don't remember what year they unbanned it here) and I just laughed at it. Didn't scare me in the least.
I have trouble thinking of anything that really gave me a good fright, Ghostwatch did when I was 10, Silent Hill 2(the game) had me watching the shadows for a night but I can't really think of much else. Although there was a couple of points in Drag Me To Hell that had my heart going, hence why I thought it was scarier than most.
Probably just their use of sound in the darkened cinema, worked better than it would at home.

Watchin' Poltergiest for the first time ever right freakin' now!
Hey, I've never seen that! Okay, that goes to the top of the Netflix list. Let's see how tough I am!
I used to love Poltergeist as a kid, but haven't seen it in years, bet it's rubbish.
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