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AU Skrain and Ziyal Dukat

Here's a WIP of my latest drawing...this is my AU Skrain and Ziyal Dukat.

Their history is WAY different than their canon counterparts--in the Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius universe, this Dukat is a good man who helps lead the Cardassian resistance against his world's Bajoran occupiers. Despite the fact that he was taken captive and forced to act against his will on Bajor, he determined that he would not allow his captor to use the child for her twisted ends...and during this dark time in his life, his yearning to escape and rescue his daughter Ziyal from whatever the Pah-Wraith vedek had in mind for her was just about the only thing that kept him alive.

Now, back on Cardassia Prime, that dedication is still alive. And these two are much more alike than you would ever expect if all you knew was their canon counterparts...

Reference pic:

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