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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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AviTrek here is a summary of your posts on this thread title:
I can see Showtime picking up Star Wars and Star Trek.
Think USA, TNT, or FX.
A better network thematically would be SyFy or TNT.
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The problem is people are still used to watching TV for free, or if they pay it's for a generic access subscription, not per show.
Okay you've picked 5 cable TV networks and one premium channle cable network. This is getting confusing.
Which one do you think is most appropriate and realistic in 2012-2014?
First of all, that's 4 cable + 1 premium. TNT is there twice. Second, My USA/TNT/FX comment was about a style of channel that CBS is missing. If that channel existed I think it would be the right location for Trek TV. But it doesn't exist yet. Of the current available channels I think Showtime is the most likely because TV production is being kept in house these days. If Showtime won't take it and CBS is committed to launching the show I see TNT since CBS at least has a working relationship with Time Warner(from CW).
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