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Re: Vampires?

I tend to think they're generally not too overpowered looking at some of the traditional weaknesses - fire, decapitation, staking (which in some cases is only valid as long as they stay staked - pull it out of the heart, and they can heal), daylight (though I think perhaps times like dusk or cloudy days are okay.)

I don't really have a problem with advantages like superior strength, needing an invitation, or charming; I think it's good that these vary by individuals, but they also reflect for me that the vampire isn't the person they once were. One thing I dislike is the idea that a bitten person isn't a true vampire unless they bite someone themselves, because that's usually just a plot crutch to keep a protagonist from going bad. Shapeshifting isn't too bad either, so long as it's limited (a number of versions I've seen do so, to forms like a bat, wolf, or mist).

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