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We had a bunch of kids this year-close to 200!!! Last year that number doubled to 400! Most of them were kid did not wear a costume or anything and just said hello. I almost turned him away but knew he was only here for the candy. I was a little angry that he did not even have the decency to wear a costume or bring a bag to put his candy in. But most of the kids were really cute!
Costumes that I found creative were: one girl dressed as Charlotte from "Charlotte's Web" with a web-halo going around her head that said "Some Pig", with a pet Wilbur on her arm. VERY CREATIVE!
A girl dressed as a table top complete with glasses and plates.
Two boys=one dressed as Scoobie doo and the other as Buzz Lightyear, complete with flashing lights.
Another little girl dressed as Sleeping Beauty with glitter in her hair..just adorable!

Most of the kids loved our dog and wanted to pet her. Some asked about a pink plant on the side of the house and wanted me to go figure out what kind of plant it was outside with them. I stayed inside the house because don't trust anyone=those kids could have robbed me blind!!!

All that banging and ringing on the doorbell got old really quick and gave me a headache by 7:30pm. I kept the doors open until 8:15pm and then turned out the lights.

I'm just glad it's over..if I had a party to go to, however, that would be a different story.
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