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Re: Happy Halloween

With only a less than part time job, I just couldn't afford a lot of candy, so I got two bags only. Should have seen the look of disappointed kids in line -- about ten of them. What made it worse was they were almsot all black, while the white kids got there first and got the last of the candy. I can only hope the kids and parents understood I legitimately ran out.

Costumes sucked, and very few kids actually said anything. I got in all black, with a black coat (cool outside), black mittens, and sat in a high chair flashing a flashlight on my face that had a red lense on it. These two teenage girls wouldn't come over and were laughing abotu it, so I took the long flashlight (about 13 inches tall) and beat it into my left hand menicingly.

Pretty tame considering about ten years ago I used Elmer's glue mixed with skin-tone make-up and spread it on my hands and face, let it dry, cut it (carefully) with a razor blade, then made it jagged, used a black perminent marker to shade the wounds, and put fake blood dripping from them. The little kids were scared to coem over. I would chase them, and lick my wounds. Evil me.
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