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Really? Too much power IMHO.

I think they should go by historical legends, some vampires (or similar creatures, if you will) had varying abilities and weakeness. But fiction seems lump them as one "race".

Also, power depends on how much the consume. Dracula drained a whole boat crew and could shape shift afterward. I might buy that to some degree (man-bat as opposed to a tiny bat)

Reminds, me some lore says vampire grow older in appearance without fresh blood (Bram Stoker's Darcula, Once Bitten)...modern versions never age past when they were turned.

However, walking in daylight is too much power, as Dark Journey said above, they could rule humanity if they could do that.

This memory erasing/manipulating/glamouring thing I'm iffy on. Their victims, yeah. Everyone they meet...not sure. A TRUE BLOOD vamp used this power to trick a mortal into inviting him in their house. That seemed like cheating.

The whole"have to invited into a home" thing is something modern versions keep, yet I wasn't familiar with that part of the myth until I saw Lost Boys.

Superspeed is ridiculous. I mean, they keep that but dump the "no reflection" (which is dumpable, I agree) and "garlic doesn't work"?

Decapititing is what you do after the staking, to ensure they do not return. Buring the corpse would work, too.
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