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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

^ Well that's just a testament to how tricky this question is. None of them are the obvious choice, so we might as well wander all over the map trying them all out.

I wonder if CBS wouldn't be right after all. Sure, the demo is wrong, but it's got a big audience and all it would need is a slice of their existing audience. CBS is skewing too old and that's got to be concerning them.

They are successful which means high standards, which is a threat to Trek or any genre show. But if they accept they aren't going to do CSI numbers, and can be patient, they also have the comfort zone to nurture a Trek series that won't be making the huge bucks they're used to.

They should see Trek as part of a long-term strategy to lay a foundation for the future. CBS' audience is going to start dying off, and the time to plan for that, and invest in a solution, is now.
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