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Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

Let's look to the future. It's 2012.
Say a Trek live-action series 6 gets greenlit and it will NOT have any lead Captains from Star Trek XI. (Chris Pine, Bruce Greenwood)

Perhaps there would be a single cameo from Pine or Greenwood during the entire season 1.

Who would you like to play the captain of the next starship that a Trek series 6 is based on?
[From your fantasy wishlist and then perhaps a little more realistic of an actor who would commit to 5 years of a TV series.]
I'm just going to throw a few names there and suggest
Michael Beach. He would be 48 in 2012.

Adam Beach he would be about 40

Ryan Reynolds he would be 36

Laurence Fishburne. he would be 51.
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