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Re: Thor Damar's Heroes of the Cardassian Union.

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Again, I agree. To me, Garak was a hero, or became one in "A Stitch in Time" for his willingness to acknowledge past mistakes and work tirelessly to help his people, both to accept responsibility for their actions and to build something better for themselves. In fact, odd as it might sound to some, I would rate Garak as one of the two greatest heroes I've ever encountered in fiction (the other being G'Kar in "Babylon Five", whose life story is in some ways very similar, or so it strikes me). As for Garak getting short shrift because he's a "quiet" hero, I'm reminded of the immortal words of Londo Mollari: "it's the quiet ones who change the universe. The loud ones only take the credit".

Of course, part of what makes Garak a true hero in my eyes is that he never seeks leadership- he seeks to advise and support. The OO thought it was doing just that for Cardassia, but instead it was suffocating the life out of it. Garak, however, has learnt (in the novels) to apply his talents to an end truly in service to Cardassia.
Well said. I feel the same way about G'Kar. Even though the two characters are very different, they are both similar in that they moved from selfish, suspicious people haunted and driven by their pasts to very selfless people who learned to place the concerns and needs of their people above their own without losing sight of the need to take good care of themselves as well. It's much easier to be a martyr than to be whole, get your hands dirty day after day with hard, honest work, and wake up the next day to do it all over again, not expecting recognition or accolades.
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