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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Hehe, not a good day for the top teams. Leverkusen drew, Bremen drew, Hamburg lost, Schalke drew, Bayern drew, Wolfsburg drew, Mainz drew.

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PS: Hertha BSC was a contender for the title last year (they finished 5th and are in the EL). How quickly things change.
Well naturally Andrei Voronin is a massive loss to any sid... oh I can't finish that sentence. Awful player
Well, no one really understood how exactly Hertha was so "good" last season (mainly a lot of lucky one goal difference wins, they were sort of the Greece of the last Bundesliga seasons). So there's a certain satisfaction among many that they play so badly this seasons.

(And Voronin's 11 goals in 27 games earned him a 16th place among goalscorers, not exactly stellar.)
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