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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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PS: Hertha BSC was a contender for the title last year (they finished 5th and are in the EL). How quickly things change.
Well naturally Andrei Voronin is a massive loss to any sid... oh I can't finish that sentence. Awful player

I do like good open leagues like the Bundesliga. And I'd be more than happy to see 4 German teams in the CL instead of the Italians.

Bet Liverpool would like a good open league at the moment. They're down and out now. I didn't think it could get any worse for them after the beachball, but today's game was a real farce, mainly due to bizarre tactics and prioritising the Champions League game. At 1:1 Liverpool were, AFAIK, still controlling play and could have probably pushed for the win. So what does Benitez do? Subs off his only two matchwinners so he can play them in Lyon. Foolish, in my opinion. That's one title challenger out of the race... though of course I predicted from the off they were never in it to start with
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