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Re: Thor Damar's Heroes of the Cardassian Union.

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^ By that definition, Dukat has no place on this list as well. A terroristic war of one against a government your own government hasn't seen fit to go to war with is not the act of a hero. It's the act of a megalomaniac who feels that he knows better than anyone else what is better for his home world. It was this self-same attitude that led him to allying Cardassia with the Dominion.
I agree entirely. Dukat the rebel wouldn't make my list of heroes.

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^ Also, if we're including non-canon accounts, which would mean any of the novels, not only did Garak participate fully and willingly in espionage against Dominion led Cardassian forces during the war, a protracted act that very nearly cost him his sanity, and the ground fight to liberate Cardassia at the end of the war, he did the hard work of finding survivors, clearing bodies, and directly opposing members of the old guard who wanted to take Cardassia back down the dark path of despotism and military rule. He worked tirelessly to ensure that free elections were held, became an advisor to Alon Ghemor, and eventually became Cardassia's ambassador to the Federation. While yes, Damar (who was also a murderer) lost his life in the uprising, what is more heroic? Dying quickly in battle, or cleaning up the mess afterward and living with the consequences of your own choices and forging a better path? Sometimes it just seems to me that people give Garak short shrift because he's not a "military" style hero but a much more quiet sort, one who consciously chose to step from a lifestyle of darkness into the light and bring his people with him as best as he could.
Again, I agree. To me, Garak was a hero, or became one in "A Stitch in Time" for his willingness to acknowledge past mistakes and work tirelessly to help his people, both to accept responsibility for their actions and to build something better for themselves. In fact, odd as it might sound to some, I would rate Garak as one of the two greatest heroes I've ever encountered in fiction (the other being G'Kar in "Babylon Five", whose life story is in some ways very similar, or so it strikes me). As for Garak getting short shrift because he's a "quiet" hero, I'm reminded of the immortal words of Londo Mollari: "it's the quiet ones who change the universe. The loud ones only take the credit".

Of course, part of what makes Garak a true hero in my eyes is that he never seeks leadership- he seeks to advise and support. The OO thought it was doing just that for Cardassia, but instead it was suffocating the life out of it. Garak, however, has learnt (in the novels) to apply his talents to an end truly in service to Cardassia.
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