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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Disclaimer: Doctor Who, the Doctor, the TARDIS and the Time Lords belong to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The Drahvins belong to the BBC and the Estate of William Emms. The Daleks belong to the Estate of Terry Nation. Anything else belongs to me.

Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 3 – Plan of the Drahvins

Sub-chapter 2 – Malware of the Daleks

Part 3

Daniel was knocked over before he could finish the word. The first person to get up was the Doctor. “Thankyou Daniel, now the Drahvin ship has self destructed. I hope that sets their plan back some” he said.
Felicia was next to get back up. “I suppose the TARDIS is still right side up, and barely a scratch?” she asked.

“Absolutely, it would take a great deal more than a Drahvin ship self destructing to damage her in a way that would imperil her,” the Doctor said.
“Ok, Doctor, so where is this data storage device?” Daniel asked.
“We are still looking for it,” Felicia said.

“Somewhere in this direction,” the Doctor said. He led his 2 companions that were with him deeper into the TARDIS.

In the console room, both Jia'hale and Sigrun were on their feet before the Drahvins in the room with them recovered.
“There goes your ship, Kellira” Sigrun said.
“Ok, my ship may be gone, but there are still many Drahvin soldiers occupying the city of Ponta Delaga, and there are still other ships in orbit around Earth, undamaged by the explosion. The plan may have been set back, temporarily, but the Drahvins will proceed with it,” Kellira said.
“We will wait and see what the Doctor says when he gets back” Sigrun said. Kellira huffed at that.

The Doctor, Daniel and Felicia entered another room in their search for the data storage device.
“Are you sure that it is in this area of the TARDIS, Doctor?” Daniel asked.
“Absolutely sure, Dan,” the Doctor said. He soon was rummaging through the various objects that were in the room.

“This is getting tiring,” Felicia said.
“I agree,” Daniel said.

“Here it is, now let's head back to the console room,” the Doctor said, holding the data storage device up in triumph.
“Are you sure that you have the right device?” Felicia asked.
“Absolutely sure,” the Doctor said.
“Let's go, before anything else happens,” Daniel said.
“Let's go,” the Doctor said. The Doctor, Daniel and Felicia headed back towards the console room.

They got back there 10 minutes later. Where Kellira was still in a dangerous huff, both Jia'hale and Sigrun were holding her.

“Doctor! You are responsible for the destruction of my ship!” she said.
“No, 'Ira. You are. You took Dalek software off a Dalek ship; you are responsible for what happens with it. And now I am going to purge the remaining Dalek software from my TARDIS,” the Doctor said.

He put the storage device into a port in the console.
“What is going to happen now Doctor?” Sabrina asked.
“The storage device contains Time Lord AIs, capable of combating, and defeating Dalek AIs. Whilst the Dalek's were geniuses, so were the Time Lords” the Doctor said.

The Time Lord AI's activate and leave the storage device, they then enter the Scanner Circuitry, where the Dalek AI's had been battering the Quarantine defences.
DalekAI's you are not welcome in this TARDIS!” one says.
Time Lord AI's prepare for Extermination! The Dalek AI's shall be triumphant! Exterminate, Exterminate. Exterminate!

The Time Lord AI's start battling the Dalek AI's.

“Ok, is anything happening?” Sigrun asked.
“Oh, something is definitely happening, Sigrid, a cyberbattle, one that the DAI's will lose, and the TLAI's will win, they are much more advanced,” The Doctor said.

After 5 minutes the Dalek AI's and all traces of Dalek code or software had been erased, the TARDIS drops the quarantine. The Time Lord AI's return to the storage device.

Sabrina jumps at the sound. “The TARDIS reports that the Scanner is clear of Dalek software,” she said.
“Very good,” the Doctor said.
“And the Drahvin plan file has been decrypted, there is no Dalek code in it either,” Sabrina said.

“Good, now that that is over, will you Kellira leave my ship?” the Doctor asked.

To be continued.

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