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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

I'll vote Above Average as I enjoyed The Plan. It was good to see more BSG, even if they reused a lot of clips.

The Good...

-The first twenty minutes were amazing, from the battle scenes to the great FX to getting to see more of the various colonies. Definitely a major highlight of The Plan.

-Dean Stockwell. He was the main character and I'm glad, because he did a great job. Not to mention he got to kiss Grace Park and get in bed with Tricia Helfer...want to know why this guy hasn't retired?

-Good performances from the various Cylons and I liked the Fleet Simon story.

-Some great lines, like "They call this a suicide vest, but I think that undersells all the homicide that goes along with it, don't you?" and "His jacket was burgandy. Mine was teal." The movie itself showed a pretty good sense of humor.

-More of Anders and the resistence. Poor Coach.

-I liked the Gianna character and I didn't realize she was in the mini-series for ten seconds. Olmos is a lucky bastard.

The Bad...

-The movie felt disjointed and slow at times. Not sure how to explain it...felt like it didn't have a drive at times.

-Leoben was wasted. I found it a disappointment in the final season that we never got a payoff from his storyline with Kara and I guess we'll never get it now.

-No D'Anna, no explanation about the Olympic Carrier and other things.

-It's very strange that we didn't see one clip of Roslin. I guess they didn't want to pay Mary McDonnell for the use of her image.


-The nudity surprised me and it was definitely gratitious. But BSG has been known to do controversial things just for the sake of doing them.

-If this show was anything other than BSG, Cavil killing the boy would have surprised me. Good scene though.

-Wouldn't it have been cool though if the kid Cavil killed had been Boxey?

-LOL on whomever pointed out the the clusterfuck confusion of the Cylon plan is comparable to the the BSG writers in meetings.

-Anyone want to discuss the deleted scenes? The last one in particular, detailing how Sam's forces got cut in half is the most interesting of them all.

Here's hoping we'll get more BSG on DVD. Looking forward to Caprica.
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