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The point I was trying to make was that if he were supposed to be a military medic, shouldn't he have had to report to Galactica at some point? I supposed he could have, and it just wasn't shown, but I still feel it was an oversight.

Hell, we never even saw him in uniform.
He wasn't supposed to be a military doctor. You're mistaking the term "fleet" to mean "military." In the US navy, our "fleet" is just our naval vessels. But in BSG, "fleet" is used in its general definition of "group of aircraft operating together under the same ownership" or "A group of vessels or vehicles." The whole series, they are talking about the "colonial fleet" as the "fleet of the colonial survivors." In fact, considering the only actual warship is the Battlestar Galactica, the colonists do not have a fleet of warships in the naval sense, they simply have a single military escort of a civilian fleet.

Therefore, Dr. Cottle is the military doctor (he is in the colonial military) but there are numerous "fleet doctors" who are civilian colonial doctors. If you recall, John Hodgman ("I'm a PC...") played a "fleet doctor" in season 4.5, a brain surgeon who removed the bullet from Sam Ander's head.

So Simon is a doctor who was a civilian doctor in life, who escaped the destruction of the colonies as a member of the Colonial Fleet, and therefore became a "fleet doctor." He was not, however, a member of the Colonial Military.
In the mini-series, Giana says her husband "serves in the Colonial Fleet on Gemenon." That sounds to me like she's talking about someone in the military.
I think she said "is in the Colonial Fleet", not "serves".
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