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Re: Venture Bros 4x02 (Grade and Discuss)

The pedo joke wouldn't have been bad if it wasn't already covered by Sgt. Hatred.

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Yeah, one thing I don't understand is why this show and "Family Guy" have shoved in little boy pedophiles. Both were sort of funny, but why was it needed at all? I'm getting sick of it.
The difference is that Family Guy has a pedo joke, but doesn't do anything with it, throw it out there for the "offensive/shock factor" and just repeats the same gag ad nauseum.

Also, I love that season 2 opening. What a great montage and reintroduction to the characters after two years. I also love how they blew most of their budget on that episode to use the song. Apparently Adult Swim, since they paid for it, mined it for all it was worth by playing it during promo bumps during the first airing of the episode.
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