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Re: Thor Damar's Heroes of the Cardassian Union.

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Forgetting somebody? Garak certainly deserves to be on the list if Damar does. Damar never would have had the opportunity to rebel against the Dominion if not for Garak's efforts in aiding the allies.
Really? I thought it was the other way around. Damars rebellion gave the Fed/Rom/Klin alliance a brief respite which was benifical to them. Oh and the fact that if it wasn't for Damar the whole Alliance would have been destroyed on the border.
What I meant was that the Garak's assistance was crucial to the war effort long before Damar turned against the Dominion. See Afterimage in particular. If the Dominion had managed to defeat the allies by the time Damar got around to rebelling, the Dominion would have put him down very quickly. He wouldn't have had Kira, Garak, and Odo aiding his rebels, and he wouldn't have had Dominion forces that were distracted and spread thin.
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