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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

I know my weighty opinions/recommendations will be worth nothing after this admission but I was reading comics occasionally during the Clone Saga (being in school etc) and was totally taken in by the whole thing. I haven't read the thing end-to-end but the whole wheels-within-wheels-within-even-more-wheels-and-no-end-in-sight thing actually appealed greatly to me.

I haven't actually read One More Day. I have read Sins Past & Sins Remembered (yes, the storyline is referred to in another trade - it appeared in a different monthly comic book than TAS, I think). I think my friendly neighborhood librarians do not want to admit that OMD happened. And there are no TAS trades since that storyline either. Hmm - jokes apart - I wonder whether they decided to drop those trades because of that storyline. It's pretty bad if libraries refuse to partake of Spider-man because of OMD....
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