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Re: SW AU - A Glimmer of Hope


IE Chapter 5 - Luke has definitely stepped into a minefield here with Mara. And Chewie is not to be trusted in this AU. At all!

I wanted to find the most out there possibility for most of these characters so having Leia be the one who discovered her Force heritage seemed like a good idea. And of course since she grew up with her mother, in the middle of the war effort, instead of on Alderaan as a princess, it brought out her more rebellious streak, and thus she becomes a pilot.

IE Chapter 6 - Again, like above, wanted to take Han in the most out there direction I could: what better than making him a diplomat and a prince. But with all of them, I wanted to show that certain parts of their personality are just part of who they are despite how they might have been brought up, so he maintains the cockiness and 'tude!

Although that cockiness is going to take a beating in the next few Han chapters.

Glad you're enjoying this!

The Badger

Thanks for your comment. I'm so glad you're enjoying this enough to come and post feedback, means a lot.

More coming tonight!

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