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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

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Thrall...don't forget that Gwen and Peter were on a break! (Yes that was a Friends reference!) This storyline along with One More Day and maybe the Clone Saga seems to be the most controversial in Spider-Man history.
At least in the clone saga Ben Reilly was a good character. He should never have been named as the "real" Peter. But he was still a good character. And I would have easily accepted him as a replacement Spider-Man, even taking over the Peter Parker identity and Peter taking Ben's and allowing him and MJ to retire and have their baby girl.

If only they did not try to say Ben was the real deal fans would have likely been able to accept the change. And we could have even had periodic guest spots with MJ and Ben(Peter) if they wanted, but had Peter(Ben) as a single Spidey.
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