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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

On a serious note - Thrall, what is meant by Ron Mooreization? And why? He didn't start the dark/grim/gritty writing. So why call it Ron Mooreization?
He has themes in his writing that I'm not a fan of. Basically making the characters as fucked up as he can to push some heavy handed "message of forgiveness" at the end. In real life, people don't forgive personal slights or short comings so easily. So in his push for more realism, it becomes less realistic to me.

Talk about proving your point re saying hideous things!
Hey, I'm an asshole. I admit it.

Maybe I don't remember my Spidey history accurately, but Spidey's early years had him getting romantic feelings about a number of different folks - Betty Brant, Liz Allen, Gwen Stacy and MJackpot - I am no longer certain but I think the Black Cat too gets involved for a little bit (but maybe I'm getting confused with the Ultimate universe). The whole Betty Brant - Ned Leeds - Liz Allen thing was particularly confusing with him getting involved with one and then not knowing where he stands and then going out with his college sweetheart and so on. My point - I don't think there was a clear point in the comics where he had Gwen Stacy - she was quite well mixed up with MJ, whose (initially) flighty behavior both confused and intrigued Peter Parker. Also this was past the 60s. The sexual revolution had already taken place - so if on some day Gwen Stacy had a moment of weakness (and if I remember correctly Sins Past never really "shows" the event - it mentions it happening in the letter that Peter receives) and decided to invite Harry's Dad upstairs for coffee and had a little "experimentation" night with him, it's not beyond the realm of believability. And then gets blackmailed for a little bit cos she doesn't want everybody to know about being pregnant and stuff.

What is stretching it (imo) is assuming that that happens, that one moment leads to a baby (no, twins!!) and that she successfully hides it and nobody knows until thirty plus years later!!! That *is* hard to believe.
Sexual Revolution? Experimentation? You know those Lee-penned books were written for kids right? This is the problem with that industry right here. A bunch of adults decided to graft all of their fetishes and complex crap onto a medium that was meant for kids. Which is why only geeky adults(like me!) bother with it anymore. Which is why it's a niche market.
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