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Austin Pan-Geeks in Costume

So, this past Sunday night was the 2nd Annual APG Halloween Party. I had to go cheap this year, due to financial issues...picked up a sonic screwdriver/psychic paper toy set for props, got a haircut, and hosted the party as the Doctor (9th version).

My buddy Brian turned up as Captain Jack Harkness.

I thought I'd share a few photos...

Sonic Screwdriver!

It lights up! And makes a whir! noise!

Psychic Paper!

do not adjust your cellphone

Doesn't the front porch look crazy awesome? Had to take down the webbin' tonight.

Sonic Screwdriver vs Big Fake Spider

He wasn't showin' it off, but Brian also had a brown thing a ma jig on his wrist.

Opinions, if any?
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