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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

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Also, it doesn't sound likely he would do any of those extra things you suggest without jacking up the price of the transaction.
Well, yes, that much is right there on the page. MJ asked Mephisto to restore Peter's life to the way it was and "give him a chance for happiness," and in exchange for that, she would "sweeten the deal" by offering him something. That's not in dispute. The question is simply what it was that she offered him, and I have never before heard anyone suggest that it would be anything as crass and simple as her having sex with the Devil. I mean, this is the Devil! If he wants carnal pleasures, he'd have no trouble getting hold of women who'd do far kinkier things than MJ has ever contemplated. I think he'd consider that far too trivial a reward to be worth his while. I mean, he's the Prince of Darkness, not a frat boy. The kind of price he'd demand would be something that caused someone pain on a spiritual level. That's what gets him off -- not bedding a supermodel.
But the Devil has a long (biblical) history of trying to corrupt innocents. So if he can get THE redheaded jackpot in the MU to compromise her principles and suggest a roll in the hay for some favor, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary behavior for the Prince of Darkness.

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Understandable?! Forgiveable?! She fucked his best friends dad!! She didn't get a parking ticket here! She fucked his best friends dad! It's like something out of a bad Jerry Fucking Springer episode.

See, this is why I hate Ron Mooreizaiton of pop culture. Because in certain minds scumbaggish, degenerate behavior = flawed and human. Most humans - at least the ones I know. It might be different in your neck of the woods - do not make fucking their best friends dad a habit.
So, Christopher which area constitutes "your neck of the woods"? Inquiring minds want to know.

On a serious note - Thrall, what is meant by Ron Mooreization? And why? He didn't start the dark/grim/gritty writing. So why call it Ron Mooreization?

I say hideous things all the time. Like in this thread, where I joked about Peter melting MJ's face with his radioactive jizzum.

She was a cheating bitch who fucked his best friends dad. She obviously didn't love him the way he loved her. Other wise she wouldn't have done it. So again, pinning over some tramp who didn't love him was huge waste of his time.

"Whore" is just a generic term. Degenerate scumfuck would be more apt.
Talk about proving your point re saying hideous things!

Maybe I don't remember my Spidey history accurately, but Spidey's early years had him getting romantic feelings about a number of different folks - Betty Brant, Liz Allen, Gwen Stacy and MJackpot - I am no longer certain but I think the Black Cat too gets involved for a little bit (but maybe I'm getting confused with the Ultimate universe). The whole Betty Brant - Ned Leeds - Liz Allen thing was particularly confusing with him getting involved with one and then not knowing where he stands and then going out with his college sweetheart and so on. My point - I don't think there was a clear point in the comics where he had Gwen Stacy - she was quite well mixed up with MJ, whose (initially) flighty behavior both confused and intrigued Peter Parker. Also this was past the 60s. The sexual revolution had already taken place - so if on some day Gwen Stacy had a moment of weakness (and if I remember correctly Sins Past never really "shows" the event - it mentions it happening in the letter that Peter receives) and decided to invite Harry's Dad upstairs for coffee and had a little "experimentation" night with him, it's not beyond the realm of believability. And then gets blackmailed for a little bit cos she doesn't want everybody to know about being pregnant and stuff.

What is stretching it (imo) is assuming that that happens, that one moment leads to a baby (no, twins!!) and that she successfully hides it and nobody knows until thirty plus years later!!! That *is* hard to believe.
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